Vegan gift wrap: why it matters


We are consuming products and food more consciously today than ever before. Vegan products are more in demand and brands are being asked to do better to meet the needs of the vegan (and sometimes-vegan) market. Often, vegan products are more sustainable and kinder to the earth.

For us at Curlicue, we set out to create the most sustainable gift wrap we could. It was about using materials that are better for the earth and the environment. We wanted to use vegetable-based ink because they are better than traditional petroleum-based inks.

Traditional inks are derived from petroleum which is a fossil fuel. Made from the remains of dead animals, plants and organisms, Fossil Fuels are very harmful to the environment. From fracking to release the oil to the burning of the oil to create energy which releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere, trapping more heat which leads to climate change. Traditional inks are also made with toxic chemicals and often can’t be washed out of the paper ahead of the recycling process, meaning that paper has reached its end of life and goes into waste.

By using vegetable-based ink instead, Curlicue does not harm the environment. The ink is not derived from animals and no other material used in our gift wrap is derived from animals, which makes our gift wrap products vegan. Plus, the particular vegetable ink we use is also chemical-free and non-toxic and is even kinder to the environment.

Reader's Delight wrapping paper

Veganism - or a plant-based lifestyle - is on the rise. This is due to diet (research found that 56% of UK consumers had set dietary goals for 2020 driven by environmental sustainability concerns, find out more on The Grocer here) and due to lifestyle (research found 97% of UK shoppers saying they want more vegan cosmetics and toiletries, find out more on The Vegan Society here). The Goodness Project have a fantastic blog with more stats, read it here.

Becoming a vegan is no easy feat. It’s difficult to change your lifestyle, which is why at Curlicue we believe in simple swaps. Which means, making small, incremental changes in what you consume (both in terms of diet and lifestyle) that can have a big impact.  

Research by Oxford University shows that if every family in the UK swapped a red meat meal to a plant-based meal just once a week, the environmental impact would be the same as taking 16 million cars off the road.


Punnett of Plums wrapping paper

This simple swap has a significant impact. Our ‘simple swap’ of vegetable ink instead of traditional ink is a small change for us as a business, but it can have a very big impact on the world. So finding other simple swaps that are easy for you to implement can also have a big impact collectively.

Our gift wrap is one of those simple swaps. Plastic-free, made from 100% recycled uncoated paper and made in the UK, Curlicue gift wrap is a brilliant simple swap. Crucially, the vegetable ink we use also plays a vital role in the recycling of the paper. Vegetable inks wash out of paper much more easily which means the paper can be recycled again and again.

What simple swaps has this inspired you to make? If you’re in need of more inspiration, read our blogs on simple swaps here.