Sustainable GIFT WRAP

Make saving the planet beautiful

Be an ethical retailer by going plastic-free with our beautiful sustainable products for your gift wrap offering. Stock our designs or work with us to create a bespoke gift wrap design for your business, brand or shop.

How to order for your shop

We love to work with retailers of all shapes and sizes.

We sell wholesale via Faire. Please find out more below and click here to purchase our gift wrap wholesale: https://faire.com/direct/curlicue

If you have any questions, please contact us on wholesale@curlicue.uk.

How we can help you sell Curlicue Gift Wrap

Communicating Curlicue's eco-credentials

Ensuring your customers understand the sustainability values of Curlicue gift wrap products is a must. We can provide strut cards and signage you need to make sure your customers know you are selling sustainable products because you care about the planet. Just let us know what you need.

We can also help your staff understand Curlicue better so that they can advise customers about Curlicue gift wrap better and secure those sales - and help them with the patter to upsell. Our team can come into your store to share more about Curlicue products in person, record a bespoke video about Curlicue products and brand that your team can watch anytime or provide a quick-and-easy to info sheet in a PDF.

Creating an appealing display of Curlicue gift wrap

When you place an order with Curlicue, our team can help you work out the best way to display it. Whether you have limited wall space, need a tabletop solution or have another challenge, we can advise you and make recommendations that will get customers to pick up gift wrap while shopping in your store.

Curlicue is a brand with value

We work hard to promote the Curlicue brand in the media. Our products have been featured in a variety of lifestyle media and our founder has been profiled on Channel 5, in Good Housekeeping and many more publications. With our recognisable brand you're off to a great start!