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Giving a gift is one of the most heart-warming moments we experience. But a gift that damages the planet takes away the joy.

We created Curlicue because we were tired of seeing bin bags full of unrecyclable wrapping paper at special occasions. We wanted to make a positive change by creating beautiful, eco-friendly gift wrap alternatives that can be recycled or reused.

But recycling wasn’t enough. We wanted to create a beautiful gift wrap made of recycled paper, that was also vegan, plastic-free, fully recyclable, and produced in the UK for a minimal carbon footprint. 

We believe that eco-friendly gift wrapping shouldn't be boring - you should have more options than just kraft paper! That's why we have exclusive designs and prints for all of our eco-friendly wrapping paper and matching tags.

You can learn more about our incredible eco-friendly gift wrap here.

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Sustainable Christmas gift wrap

Did you know that we throw 277 miles of wrapping paper into landfill during the festive season in the UK? It's thrown into landfill because it can't be recycled, it's coated in plastic and infused with toxic inks. All of which is harmful to the environment.

Our sustainable, eco-friendly gift wrap is the perfect alternative to these pollutant traditional gift wraps. Made in the UK for a low carbon footprint, our wrap is made from 100% recycled uncoated paper, so it is plastic-free, and printed with vegetable ink, which makes it vegan.

Best of all, we don't compromise on design. All our gift wrap prints are bespoke designs exclusive to Curlicue. Enjoy a guilt-free Christmas with our beautiful sustainable gift wrap and accessories.

Our Christmas gift wrap
From bold and colourful to elegant and understated, we’ve got the perfect print for you made from recycled materials.
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And what does it have to do with dinosaurs? Learn more about why using vegetable ink and being vegan is so important to us.