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Eco questions


How and why is your gift wrap plastic-free? 

Standard wrapping paper is often coated with plastic meaning it can't be recycled. 

Any wrapping paper that contains a foiling - the shiny metallic bits on cards and wrap - is also not recyclable. Foiling is made out of plastic, and once it's bonded with paper (even brown kraft paper) the paper cannot be recycled. 

If your wrapping paper has glitter on it, it cannot be recycled. Glitter is made from tiny pieces of plastic, so it is a micro-plastic which sadly does a great deal of harm to our planet. We are considering how we can use biodegradable non-plastic glitter in our prints. You can find out more about glitter and its environmental impact here .

How do you keep your carbon footprint low?

Our entire operation works within the UK from our HQ to our printers. By partnering with UK businesses we can keep the carbon footprint lower and we are supporting the UK economy and other small businesses like us. 

We don't currently ship internationally to keep our carbon footprint low, but there is increasing demand so we are evaluating this. 

Curlicue is also partnering with Ecologi for tree planting and we are offsetting any carbon emissions with them. We are working on making our deliveries carbon neutral with Ecologi too. You can see how much we've invested into this on our Ecologi profile here: https://ecologi.com/curlicue 

Why do you use 100% recycled paper instead of FSC paper? 

While better than other paper, FSC paper still uses virgin fibre. Which means that trees are still getting chopped down for paper. Even though more trees are planted to replace the tree that is chopped down, trees take hundreds of years of years to mature. So those new trees won't capture as much carbon as the tree that was chopped down. 

Instead of using FSC paper, Curlicue uses 100% recycled paper. This recycled paper is FSC certified - so we know the origin of the paper is still from responsibly managed forests.

What is Ecologi and why do you partner with them? 

We partner with Ecologi to plant trees and offset carbon emissions. We plant a tree for every order. 

Ecologi facilitate the funding of carbon offset projects and tree planting around the world. Their mission is to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. 

Find out more about Ecologi and why we work with them in this blog post here.

How can your gift wrap be vegan? 

We use a soy-based vegetable ink for all of the printing in our products. Normal printing inks tend to be oil based which links them to fossil fuels. The mining and use of fossil fuels is one of the contributing factors in the climate crisis - and we don't want to add to that, which is why we use vegetable ink. 

Moreover, fossil fuels are made of decomposing plant and animal matter, making oil non-vegan.

How will the people who sort our bins know that Curlicue gift wrap is recyclable?

When the people sorting the recycling are going through the gift wrap they look out for plastic elements, including if there are shiny elements and if the wrap stays scrunched up. Because our gift wrap is plastic free there are no shiny elements and the wrap stays scrunched up – just like newspaper does. On the reverse of our wrap we have also added a recycle logo ♻️ alongside the cutting lines which will help them identify it easily if needed.

The most important bit when it comes to recycling wrap is to remove any plastic tape off the paper before it goes into recycling. There are eco tape options available. Our eco tape is biodegradable so it doesn’t need to be removed from the paper, it will disintegrate and biodegrade in the recycling process. Just be aware that some eco tapes need to be removed, like Sellotape’s cellulose tape because that has to be composted or put into landfill where it will decompose (Cellulose is made from vegetable starch).

Do you have cheaper gift wrap available? 

We have thought about our pricing a lot. We consider how much it costs us to produce the gift wrap and how we can make it affordable for people across the UK. We believe in making sustainability accessible for all and we want to encourage everyone to take up the simple swap of sustainable gift wrap so we have priced our products in line with the highstreet. So for example, 3 sheets of wrapping paper costs £2.25 per sheet on our website (which is our single sheet RRP for our wholesale customers too) and our 5 sheets costs even less at £1.95 per sheet on our website.

We do offer special discounts through the year and you can get 10% when you sign up for our newsletter and you'll also be the first to hear about any other sale events and other important Curlicue news. 

We also have our Wonky Wrap, which is our way of reducing waste in the business by salvaging wrap that is a little imperfect with squashed corners or torn edges and can't be sold full price, but is still great for wrapping gifts. Wonky Wrap is £4.75 for 5 sheets and £9.50 for 10 sheets - and we throw in some tags and accessories in when we have them. 




What are your delivery options and how much does it cost? 

We are using two different delivery companies to ship our orders. 

We offer free delivery for orders over £30 with Evri and over £50 with DPD. For orders under £30 we have a £3.95 charge. These orders are our Standard delivery options, shipped with Evri and take 3-5 days to arrive to UK Mainland addresses. Our Express delivery with DPD for £5.50 which take 1-2 days to arrive to UK Mainland addresses

We are always re-evaluating our shipping and costs so that we are choosing the most sustainable options that are affordable and avois us having to increase our product prices.

Please note we only deliver to the UK at the moment. 

What packaging do you use? 

All our packaging is plastic-free.

We use three different sizes of cardboard boxes depending on what products have been ordered and the quantity of those products. This means that the boxes do not weigh more than needed, reducing the carbon footprint of the delivery. 

Our carboard boxes are made from 70% recycled and 30% FSC materials. We use paper tape to seal the boxes. 

Rolled sheets of wrapping paper is the bulkiest product and this is shipped in our largest box which is 55cm long, 25cm wide and 7cm high. 

Our folded sheets of wrapping paper is shipped in two smaller boxes, a flat box for smaller quantities and a deep box for larger orders. 

We use paper stuffing (which is reused from deliveries we've received) if stuffing is needed. We put our tags and twine in compostable film bags made from EN 13142 film, which is made out of vegetable starch, to keep them safe in transit. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Sorry, we don't ship direct to consumer outside the UK at the moment because of the carbon footprint impact. But we are looking for ways to make our gift wrap available internationally so we are shipping to retailers (they can get in touch via our wholesale page) and we are looking for greener ways to fulfill international orders. 


Retail and Wholesale

Do you sell to retailers? 

Yes we do! Retailers can apply to stock our gift wrap here:  https://curlicue.uk/pages/wholesale

You can also buy our products on Faire or Creoate

We help all our stockists with merchandising too, so if you order on Faire or Creoate just email us on wholesale[@]curlicue.uk. If you buy direct, you get this automatically. 

Where are your products stocked? 

You can find a list of all our stockists here: https://curlicue.uk/pages/stockists

Where do you sell your products? 

Our main retail platform is our website, curlicue.uk, and our stockists. We also sell through some drop shipment platforms. 

Do you sell at fairs and markets? 

Yes we do! We'll share upcoming events we're at on our website's Markets and Events page and on Instagram


Everything else

I have designs I want printed on wrapping paper. Can you do this for me? 

We can help! You can find out more about our Bespoke gift wrap printing service here: https://curlicue.uk/pages/bespoke

Please note: at the moment we can only offer bespoke prints for 1,000 sheets + per design. This is due to the printing process and ensuring we reduce waste. 

We regularly collaborate with designers to print their designs for them and stock the designs ourselves. Get in touch to discuss this with us via the form on the bespoke page linked just above. 

I signed up for the newsletter but I didn't get my 10% discount

Oh no! Email us at info@curlicue.uk with the email you subscribed with and we'll help you out. 

Where is Curlicue based? 

Curlicue is based in the UK. Our registered office is in London.