Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is on the 14th March in 2021 and once again, it looks like we’ll be separated from our Mum’s and all the other people we love and cherish on this day. 

So many days and celebrations are rolling past with us unable to hold and love the ones we care about the most.  But it’s not forever. So for one last Mother’s Day - let’s send our love by post, courier and pigeon in the knowledge that next year, we can give our gifts in person.

With that in mind, here are our favourite Mother’s Day gifts that you can send to your favourite person (or people) that are eco-friendly and caring for the planet. 

Seafoam Jewellery

Is there anything more thoughtful than giving jewellery on Mother’s Day? Especially when we’re gifting from a distance. 

We love these incredible hand-crafted pieces from Seafoam Jewellery. Started in lockdown, Rachel Quilliam-Scott launched Seafoam as a sustainable and eco-friendly business that creates timeless jewellery to connect people with the Cornish coast. 

 Rachel’s incredible collection is inspired by Aphrodite - born from seafoam and tossed onto a rock in Cyprus. Sea glass is an entirely organic material, thrown onto the shores by the waves, just like the goddess herself. 

All of Seafoam’s seaglass is found by hand on Cornish beaches by Rachel and her family (we love a family business), and we’re pretty obsessed with her pieces. They take the wearer out of lockdown and straight to the coast - where one day we will all meet again. Seafoam Jewellery has already caught the eye of Condé Nast and Tatler, so make sure you place your orders quickly!

Find out more about Seafoam Jewellery here, and you can shop their gorgeous pieces on their website and follow them on Instagram @seafoam_jewellery.

Image Credit: Seafoam Jewellery

Image Credit: Seafoam Jewellery

Mother’s Day Sweet Treats

We’ve eaten our way through the last three lockdowns and no matter what the adverts say; we have absolutely no problem with that. Want to know why? Because food is delicious and often puts a smile on our faces.

But NOTHING makes people smile more than doughnuts. 

In view of our attempts to bring more vegan habits into our lives in 2021, we’re obsessed with these 100% natural, vegan and handmade vegan baked doughnuts from Nummy.  These gorgeously presented doughnuts can be sent straight to our Mums.  These delicious delicacies are finished with a white chocolate glaze, sweetened with maple syrup and naturally coloured with beetroot powder and finished with pink dried rose petals - dreamy! 

Packed in fully biodegradable packaging and free from refined sugar, flour and palm oil - these feel like the perfect gift for Mum’s with a sweet tooth.

Image Caption: Nummy

Image Caption: Nummy


All Mum’s need a little bit of calm and help to relax - Mum’s are very busy people and have the tendency to put other’s needs before their own. So, this Mother’s Day show give the gift of self-care with The Calm Box by Alice and Peg.

Alice & Peg was started by Kayleigh in London in 2018 and is named after the two most generous people she knows (her Nana Alice & Nana Peg). Alice & Peg has a straightforward mission to support independent makers that care about our planet through creating beautifully curated gift boxes. 

The Calm Box is described as a hug in a box - doesn’t that sounds perfect for Mother’s Day? All of the contents of The Calm Box are hand-made and created with sustainable, naturally sourced ingredients. 

The Calm Box Contains:

  • Calm Himalayan Bath Salts (75g). 

  • Soothe Calming Face Mask (35g). 

  • Bamboo Face Cloth. 

  • Unwind Handmade Soap Bar by Nathalie Bond (100g). 

  • Set of 3 Eight Hour Recycled Glass Tealights. 

  • Set of 2 Calming Organic Matchbox teas by Joe's Tea Co. 

  • Complimentary Alice & Peg Greetings Card.  Handwritten with your personalised message.

What’s make this gift even more beautiful is that £1 from every sale goes to YoungMinds which is an amazing organisation that supports young people with mental health problems.

Image Credit: Alice & Peg

Image Credit: Alice & Peg

Sassy Sustainable Scarves

Keep your loved ones cosy from afar with this beautiful polka-dot sustainable scarf from Etsy made using traditional screen printing techniques and fabric woven from a combination of cotton and viscose. 

The makers, York Scarves, is an approved BAFTS fair trade business and pride themselves in creating pieces that are balance quality and fair trade. 

This orange tone is also just the happiest thing in the world - what a gorgeous gift to receive!

Image Credit: York Scarves

Image Credit: York Scarves

Cosy Cushions

Tikauo is an independent London-based brand that has an incredibly sustainable ethos behind it - to take the cotton waste and recycle it to create a more practical and sustainable fibre for the future. All of Tikauo’s pieces are made with recycled and sustainable materials and aims to make textiles with lower carbon footprints by limiting power and chemical usage.

That’s what makes this gorgeous Mirage Rain Drops Cushion Cover cushion so fantastic - not only is it beautiful but it’s made using entirely recycled cotton fabric and the hand-drawn design is printed with AZO-free dyes.

Give the gift that your Mum can cuddle in style this Mother’s Day. 

Image Credit: Tikauo

Image Credit: Tikauo

Stars at Dawn

The finishing touch to a thoughtful gift is the wrapping paper. So much gift wrap is unrecyclable thanks to plastic being a part of the paper’s composition or non-biodegradable glitter being used in the design. At Curlicue, all of our wrapping paper is eco-friendly and recyclable. We use vegetable inks to ensure our gift wrap is also vegan friendly.

Like so many of the beautiful gifts we love, we are also made in the UK which keeps our carbon footprint as low as possible.

On Mother’s Day, we just want to know that Mum’s and the people we love have the biggest smiles on their faces and there is something about bright colourful gift wrap that spreads happiness. That’s why we’ll be wrapping our Mother’s Day gifts in our Stars at Dawn print this year.

Click here to shop our other gorgeous sustainable gift wraps.