Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts


It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, and if you’re still looking for last-minute ideas, we’ve pulled together some great favourites to help you out in a tight love-locked spot.

The Biscuiteers

The Biscuiteers have brought back the humble, excellent Biscuit and made them fun again and they’ve got many ideas for Valentine’s Day.

We love this Love Letter Biscuit Tin (£35) which includes ten delicious biscuits presented in a classic keepsake tin and a message at checkout. You can also personalise your love letter Biscuit Tin or add a bottle of fizz for an extra-special offer. 

You can get 10% off of your first order when you sign up for their newsletter too.

They are offering next day delivery so make sure you order quickly!


Don’t Buy Her Flowers

Don’t Buy Her Flowers offer next day delivery on their fantastic packages and have all kinds of options for gifts for those you love. 

We think this Date Night In Package is perfect for a lockdown Valentine’s Day gift including handmade truffles, tea-lights and lavender massage oil. You can then choose your ideal beverage choice from champagne, wine, soft drinks and tea for the perfect option.


Thinking Ahead

So many restaurants are struggling during the lockdown, and while you may be too late for one of the beautifully delivered meal kits that your favourite dining haunts offer; why not plan for the date nights to come and support your favourite eatery in the process? Many restaurants are offering vouchers for future meals - it helps them out in the short-term and helps you arrange a fantastic night for future times.


Homemade Meal 

It’s a simple thing, but preparing your loved ones favourite homemade meal can make their weekend! Especially if it gives them a night off from cooking - but don’t forget, if you really want to treat them, make sure you take charge of the clean up too!


Get your Essential Shop

It’s been challenging to get what gifts at short notice at this time, but don’t discount your supermarket! If you’re in a bind, pick up their favourites and don’t feel like the major supermarkets are reduced to food items only (don’t forget the booze…) but you can find candles, books and all sorts of lovely things. You can find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift just moments away if you take the time to look. 

Shop Local 

Suppose you have a gift shop or a small business. In that case, they may be offering delivery services for Valentine’s Day - get in touch either by phone, email, or many companies operate such services through Facebook.


Masterclass Membership

If you’ve got a keen learner, lover of podcasts or curious cat as a Valentine’s Day intended, why not get them a membership to Masterclass?  

Masterclass has been around for a few years and offers short classes with the most incredible expertise in business, food, drink, fashion, writing and more. We love Issa Rae’s course on Teaching Creativity Outside the Lines and Tan France’s Masterclass on Style for Everyone.

For the person you love who loves the planet, Masterclass has recently acquired the incredible insight of Dr Jane Goodall, who will teach them more about Conservation over 5 hours. Annual memberships cost £170 per month or £15 per month.


Give Back to the Planet 

Why not give a gift to the planet on behalf of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Climeworks uses state of the art technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. As a gift, you can remove either 21kgs, 42kgs or 85kgs of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere on their behalf. 

They will also get access to the Climeworks community of others who want to help save our eco-system. Learn more here.


Sweet Love

Want to fill your Valentine’s Day with Sweet Love - browse our eco-friendly, vegan wrapping paper here.