Perfect Curlicue Christmas Present Pairings

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We’re in the last sprint towards Christmas and if you’re struggling to find Christmas presents and stocking fillers we’ve got some fantastic ideas for Christmas gifts, inspired by our beautiful, recyclable wrapping paper prints. Like a good wine, we’ve paired our prints with their perfect Christmas gift partner.

Secret Santa

We love our cheeky Secret Santa wrapping paper, and it’s vintage look. Secret Santa may be different in 2020, but regardless of your budget or gift recipient, we’ve got some beautiful vintage secret Santa ideas for you.Gift Idea: Soothing Bath Salt Blend

Is there someone in your life that’s had a rough and stressful year? Okay, we’ve all had a rough year. Still, for the essential workers or the person that needs to de-stress, we love this Soothing Bath Salt Blend from Etsy maker MadeByCoopers who make the most incredible apothecary products for skin and soul. This bath salt blend uses eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender essential oils which have anti-inflammatory properties and Epsom and Himalayan salts which help soothe aches and pains. Don’t take our word for it; the reviews say it’s ‘like being in a spa in an evergreen forest,’ - who doesn’t need that right now?


What we loved most about our Secret Santa print is the vintage and retro feel of the illustrations. And for retro gifts, there is nowhere better than Truffle Shuffle, our one-stop-shop for retro, cult classic, gifts.

Gift Idea: Friends Turkey Sheet Face Mask

For your bestie who spent lockdown binging Friends on Netflix, this Friends Turkey Sheet Face Mask is hilarious, infused with cranberries, cruelty-free and perfect for a Secret Santa present or stocking filler. 

Gift Idea: Wallace and Gromit Feathers McGraw Water Bottle

We don’t know about you, but as a kid, Wallace and Gromit was a staple in our household over the Christmas season. That’s why this Wallace and Gromit, Feathers McGraw Water Bottle is the perfect present for so many reasons. Firstly, let’s keep eliminating the need for plastic water bottles and, secondly, your gift recipient will smile when they see this funny and practical present.


Mistletoe & Holly

Our Mistletoe and Holly print was one of the best sellers of 2019, and we love the light tones and delicate illustration that creates this beautiful print. If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed gift for your loved ones this year - how about a practical and beautiful face mask?

Gift Idea: Liberty Print Face Mask

Our world has changed, maybe forever, so give a present that keeps them smiling.

We want to order this Liberty Print Christmas Holly & Mistletoe Face Mask for everyone we know this year to keep them safe, festive and stylish. 


Pawfect Present

Our hearts melted (a little like the ice caps…) when we saw the cuddly Pawfect Polar Bears on our Pawfect Present recycled and vegan Christmas wrapping paper. If you want to feel inspired by the cutest wrapping paper this festive season, why not do some good with a unique Christmas gift that's perfect for kids and adults alike?

Gift Idea: Adopt a Polar Bear with the WWF

Adopting a Polar Bear through the WWF means that you can help protect this incredible animal and protect the Arctic food chain, which is essential for the environment’s survival. It is predicted that by 2050, we’ll have lost 30% of polar bears thanks to the devastating effects of climate change on the polar ice. 

With your adoption, your recipient will get a cuddly polar bear toy, a welcome pack (which also has a child’s version) and regular updates on how your support is helping.

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Bauble Noire

In 2020, we’re not able to see all of our favourite people over Christmas. If you want to be a part of your loved one's Christmas, why not send them early presents of seasonal decorations that they can re-use year after year at home, and think of you.

Gift Idea: Unique Baubles for Your Loved Ones Home

Our Bauble Noire print is one of most stylish prints this year with dark and vibrant tones for an elegant finish for your Christmas gifts. This chic aesthetic reminds us so much of these Danoa Baubles in Smoke Black from Protect the Planet. We also love these Giant Antique Smoke Tiko Baubles for hand-etched designed baubles. 

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Winter Woodland

One of the most impactful actions we can do to help the environment is to plant trees and grow flowers that encourage wildlife and to regain the balance of our eco-system.

Gift Idea: Something to Grow at Home

If you want unique Christmas gift ideas for your eco-warrior loved ones; we heartily recommend a visit to The Woodland Trust online shop. We love The Woodland Trust, they have so many tips in foraging and engaging with and protecting our local woodland spaces.

We love these packs for beautiful Guelder Rose and traditional Holly as thoughtful gift ideas and Christmas presents. Witha loving touch, the Holly could be picked and cut for Christmas decorations next year - the gift that keep on giving!

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Our Nutcracker print is one of our favourites (shh, don’t tell the others!), with its menorah detail and intricate illustration alongside that gorgeous deep blue colour. It conjures everything magical and traditional about Christmas. 

Gift Idea: Festive Candle

We love this Nutcracker Personalised Christmas Candle. Not only does the beautiful decoration on this candle Christmas Gift remind us of our recyclable Nutcracker wrapping paper, but you can also select the scent for your present. We're excited by the Gingerbread scent!

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More Ideas & Delivery Dates

If you want some more gift ideas, look through our blog for gifts by recipient series for the perfect Christmas gifts this year.

If you want to order your Christmas wrapping paper from our shop, order by Midday on the 17th December with standard postage or 21st December with Next Day paid postage.