Top Vegan Easter Eggs 2021

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Whether you’re vegan, shopping for a vegan loved one or looking to reduce your dairy consumption this chocolate season; we’ve put together some of our all time favourite Vegan Easter Eggs of 2021.

Gone are the days of lacklustre, tasteless vegan chocolate. Retailers and chocolatiers have been squirrelled away for years, perfecting their vegan chocolate recipes and wow - the results are delicious!

Image Credit: M&S

Image Credit: M&S

Doisy & Dam - £8

Doisy & Dam are on a mission to rid the world of ‘dodgy chocolate.’ All of their chocolate is free of palm-oil, sourced from cocoa farmers who are fairly paid and vegan; creating sustainable and cruelty-free chocolate that is also yummy!

If you’re a nut butter fan, the Daisy & Dom Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is for you.

Made with 70% Colombia cocoa, this easter egg also comes with two packets of creamy almond butter and dark chocolate nuttercups.

Marks and Spencer - £5

Good old M&S!

These icons of luxury high street food have developed an award-winning vegan Easter Egg from through their Plant Kitchen range.

Dubbed the Egg-Plant Kitchen Easter Egg, this playful, delicious dairy-free easter egg is made with dark chocolate in a hollow aubergine (egg-plant) design. Well done, M&S. Well done.

This wonderful chocolate delight is sold out online but head in-store to snap up the last ones!

Image Credit - Doisy & Dom

Image Credit - Doisy & Dom

Made with 70% Colombia cocoa, this easter egg also comes with two packets of creamy almond butter and dark chocolate nuttercups. Their products are Vegan Society certified so you can crack on in happiness.

Image Credit: Hotel Chocolat

Image Credit: Hotel Chocolat


Hames Chocolate - £12.50

If you’re looking for a luxurious edge for a Vegan Easter Egg, look no further than the Hames Luxury Vegan Easter Egg.

Lincolnshire based, Hames Chocolates, make their vegan chocolate eggs with a rice powder alternative instead of milk to get that creamy milk chocolate taste without dairy.

Their luxury chocolate egg is filled with honeycomb and two vegan milk chocolate bunnies. These are still available online.


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

CheekyNilla via Etsy

Sadly, CheekyNilla has now sold out of their AMAZING vegan chocolate easter eggs but we couldn’t make a list of our favourites without including these sensational pieces.

CheekyNilla is UK based, artisan chocolatiers who put beauty and the environment at the front of their business in equal measure.

These adorable hollow Vegan White Chocolate Rabbits are hand-painted and inspired by the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag.

Hotel Chocolat - £6.50

Hotel Chocolat wins cutest Vegan Easter Egg of 2021 with Rabbert the Rabbit. Moulded with 70% dark chocolate, Rabbert is a delicious chocolate Easter gift that just happens to be Vegan.

Alongside Rabbert is a Tiddly Pot of dinky vegan chocolates - perfect for a chocolate snack after the major Easter chocolate slump is over!

Rabbert the Rabbit is still available to buy online and you can learn more about their eco-ethos here.


Image Credit: Hames Chocolates

Image Credit: Hames Chocolates

Vegan Store - £9.99

Handmade in the UK, Vegan Store presents a scrumptious Golden Crunch Easter Egg - made with vegan honeycomb pieces (the bees are happy) and smothered is rich vegan milk chocolate.

You don’t just get the easter egg but also a full-size chocolate bar to keep those chocolate cravings satisfied. was the UK’s first independent retailer of vegan products since 2000.


Image credit: CheekyNilla / Etsy

Image credit: CheekyNilla / Etsy

Their vegan white chocolate is made with vanilla, passionfruit and coconut cream.

Their Deep Sea Chocolate Egg looks as though it’s fresh out of the bluest ocean - it’s handcrafted with vegan chocolate seashells and starfish. You can choose between milk-alternative creamy chocolate or their fruit dark chocolate.

We’re obsessed.


Alternatives to Chocolate Gifts

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