10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in Lockdown

10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in Lockdown


Nothing looks entirely as it should this year, and Valentine's Day is no exception. While it's been great to spend more time with our other halves in Lockdown, that doesn't mean it's been easy. For those in long-distance relationships, it's been even more challenging. Romance hasn't been high on the agenda while we've all been surviving a pandemic - so whether you're a Valentine's Day cynic or not, it’s the perfect excuse for a Date Night.  

We've got some great ideas for Valentine's Day ideas you can do in Lockdown.


1. Dinner and a Movie

The classic date but try it with a twist. Do you have a favourite restaurant? Why not try and recreate your go-to orders? Maybe even print off their menus. Make your favourite movie snacks, print off some 'tickets' and voila, let Netflix do the rest. An understated but thoughtful date night.


2. Treasure Hunt

We've all got to know our homes really well in the last eleven months, but why not transform your home into a game? Set a treasure hunt around the house, leaving clues that lead to the treasure. If you’re feeling super romantic, pick clues using their favourite things at home - books, games, DVDs, or their favourite mug.

By creating a new experience in your home, you can create something special for your loved one.

Romancing from far away? Why not do a digital treasure hunt giving clues across the internet that guides you to a viewing party link for your favourite film?


3. All the reasons they're your favourite

If clue writing isn't your greatest skill, why not take a pack of cards and write reasons why you love your other half on every card. That gives them 52 cards to find without creating bespoke clues and is something gorgeous for them to do that will leave them feeling special. 


4. Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn't love breakfast in bed?

Make it a surprise and bring your loved one their favourite breakfast foods in bed. If you’re stuck for ideas, pancakes and fruit is always a winner with a good cup of tea or prosecco - depending on your preferences.

Breakfast in bed feels decadent and is perfect to kick-off Valentine’s Day!


5. Boozy Brunch

Do you remember those days when Sunday mornings were spent eating overpriced breakfast foods and getting your money's worth of bottomless prosecco? They seem a distant memory, don't they?

If you're a keen brunching pair, replicate your favourite boozy Sunday brunch. We love this recipe for shakshuka made from the Covid supplies you bought back in 2020 that you should really use - and if you’re vegan, just leave out the eggs and serve on toast - YUM!

Get your brunch playlist together and enjoy - working from home on a Sunday hangover isn't THAT bad, right?


6. Take a Holiday (sort of…)

Are you a pair of keen travellers who are climbing the walls? Or, did you have a holiday cancelled thanks to Covid? Well, Valentine's Day gives you the perfect excuse to take an imaginary holiday to the location of your dreams - just stay inside, okay?

Did you have a magical holiday to Marrakech planned?

Or perhaps Cuba was top of your list?

Was your once in a lifetime trip to Japan cancelled?

Take inspiration from the holidays that never were, and use them to create your own theme night at home.


7. Create a Spa at Home

Treat yourself.

We love this Home Spa Natural Gift Set from the Natural Gift Company that includes a beautifully fragranced candle, lotion, body scrub and facial kit alongside a delicious Pukka Cleanse Tea that you can enjoy while relaxing and, let’s face it, smelling incredible.

If your other half isn’t as fussed about pampering but they do deserve some time to de-stress, why not treat them to this tea-time pamper box?

If you want to give a gift for a spa day when the world reopens, The Telegraph has put together a list of the Best Luxury Eco Spas in the UK.


8. Take a Walk

Taking a Sunday stroll used to feel like such a joyful activity; now it feels a little more like Government-mandated exercise. While you need to stay local, why not try a route you haven't explored in the last year? Is there a road you haven't walked down yet or a path you've been curious as to where it leads? Have a very local adventure! 


9. Camping in the living room

Do you love to go camping but haven't been able to get into the great outdoors this year? Bring the joy of camping to your living room. Either pop up your tent and set up your sleeping bags or pull every duvet, cushion and blanket into your front room, enjoy an elaborate dinner of baked beans cooked on the hob and bring all the cosiness and joy of camping to your home - without the dubious toilet situation. 

For additional effect, why not project the stars onto your ceiling for extra romantic ambience! We love this Star Projector from Etsy to add that galactic feel to your home camping experience.


10. Don't do a Zoom quiz…

We all have things we're sick of in Lockdown. Maybe for you, it's a Zoom quiz. Or perhaps neither of you can face cooking another meal? Whatever it is, give yourselves a day off. Turn off your computers and get takeout. It's okay. 

Perhaps, you'll spend the evening on the sofa watching the latest Netflix series that's getting you through the Lockdown. Whatever you do, don't do the dishes, don't worry about bills or the pandemic. Give yourself a night off from this 2021 rollercoaster and enjoy yourselves.


The perfect final flourish

If you’re giving a gift this year, why not give it a sweet finish with our Sweet Love Gift Wrap and Tags and finish your beloved’s present with our perfectly matching twine that biodegrades. You can give a gift of love this Valentine’s Day which will love the planet too.