Green is the new black

Green Friday isn’t nearly as established as Black Friday. And we have the added complexity of it meaning different things to different people. But it’s an important concept, and for Curlicue it’s a way of sharing our message of simple swaps.
Black Friday has become the biggest shopping event of the year. But along with all those great deals there is a lot of waste, pollution and bad consumer behaviours, like buying too much, chucking out items that still have some life left in them and choosing mass-produced items with high CO2 emissions rather than buying local.

Boy sitting on sofa with box wrapped in Curlicue's stars at dusk gift wrap

The idea of Green Friday has been interpreted and implemented in many different ways. First, as a mechanism to boycott Black Friday and combat the issues I mentioned left behind by Black Friday madness. Solutions include buying local, handmade, making gifts yourself or buying experiences instead.
More recently there has been an evolution of what Green Friday means. Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year after all and that won’t be changing fast, so some businesses have put their own spin on it. We’ve seen a few small businesses are making a donation to a local charity for every purchase rather than discounting their products. Others are bundling products or offering exclusive products. A few sustainable businesses – Curlicue included – are offering a discount just as the typical Black Friday sales do, to encourage people to buy green.


Two children stacking wrapped up gifts into a tower


At Curlicue, we decided to offer a 30% discount because consumer behaviour has shifted because of Black Friday. Many people are pursuing these deals, quite frankly because we all love a deal. For Curlicue it's an important thing to do because it’s an opportunity to bring our core brand belief of simple swaps to the fore.
A simple swap is a change one can make in their own behaviour to consume, gift or live more sustainably. So Green Friday means getting those great deals but with sustainable businesses instead.
Going Green on Black Friday could have an enormous impact on reducing waste during the holiday season. Just search “Christmas waste” and you’ll understand how massive the problem is from the thousands of articles available.
So make a simple swap. Buy sustainably this Black Friday weekend. And if you’re still in need of your gift wrap, make the most of our 30% off discount until 30th November.