The Best of Spring Flowers


The world is looking sunnier, and after a long winter in lockdown, we're more excited than ever to see colour and new life springing up around us. 

Flowers tell us a lot about climate change and our environment - from changing seasonality to the PH levels in soil, flowers can often act as a sense check for the greater world around us. 

There are so many beautiful wildflowers out in the world at the moment; we wanted to help you identify a few of them so you can enjoy them on your walks out in the English countryside during Spring and early Summer. 

We brought in the expert advice of expert florists, Pinstripes and Peonies, to help guide us down the floral path as well as giving their top tips for caring for flowers in your home. 


Tulips are bright balls of sunshine and are easy to pick out from the flower crowd. Generally associated with the vast tulip fields in Holland, English tulips pop into our lives from April, offering red, pinks, purple and yellow pops of colour in our gardens. 

"What we love about tulips is that there are so many variations. You may think of the classic tulip, but parrot and double tulips are breath-taking and are grown in huge varieties of colours. Tulips are the first pops of happiness that come out in Spring - we're always happy to see them!" 



"Muscari is a very delicate spring flower, sometimes mistaken for grape hyacinths, will pop up around stonework and in flower beds. It's perfect for clustering together for a pretty arrangement for your home."





Lily of the Valley 

In 1956, the French firm Dior produced a fragrance simulating lily of the valley, which was Christian Dior's favourite flower. Since then, many perfume houses use the incredible scent of lily of the valley in their products, and once you smell this beautiful flower, it's clear why. 

"With its delicate bell-like flowers, Lily of the Valley not only smells amazing but also has a gentle beauty that makes it popular for brides as seen in the bouquets of the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Grace of Monaco. You'll find these flowers everywhere - from woodlands to the side of the pavement under the shade of a tree."



"Roses are one of the world's most recognisable flowers, but English Roses are the next level in floral-awesomeness. You know an English rose before you see it by the amazing scent it carries on spring breezes. Most roses sold in the UK outside of the spring and summer season come from Holland where they are grown throughout the year - a downside of creating a year-round rose is that the scent vanished."



Peonies begin to bloom in May, and you'll find them throughout the UK. While they are beautiful, scented flowers, they are incredibly hardy and grow well in most soils, although they prefer heavy clay. The flowers last around four weeks and come in a range of colours bringing bright, bold tones to gardens everywhere. 

"At Pinstripes and Peonies, it's pretty clear we're obsessed with peonies. They're just so fluffy! Starting as a tight dome, they open into the most amazing flowers. We can't help but love the Coral Sunset peony; there's just no other flower like it!"


What Is Your Top Flower Arranging Tip?

"When you bring your flowers home, cut an inch off of each stem at a diagonal. The diagonal cut means that the stem of the flower can draw more water.

Also, strip off any leaves from the stems that would sit in the water - the bacteria from that foliage sat in the water is what kills your flowers faster. Change the water every two days, and your arrangement will keep lasting."

How Do You See Changes in the Environment Through Flowers?

"Flowers are still seasonal for the most part, particularly for UK-grown flowers. We are increasingly seeing flowers earlier and earlier in the season. For example, dahlias, which should only really come in from July, we're starting to see in February and March. The world is warming up, andå it confuses the flowers."

How Can We Shop for Flowers Sustainably?

"Buy local. Support your local florist. If you're having a wedding, ask the florist not to use Oasis products where possible and try and find florists that use alternatives to cellophane for your bouquets. Don't buy flowers out of season - like roses in December."

Decorating with Flowers

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