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Did you know traditional gift wrap is not eco-friendly?

Giving a gift is one of the most heart-warming moments we experience. But when you use gift wrap that damages the planet, it diminishes the joy we all feel.

Traditional wrapping paper and tags are often made with poor quality paper fibre and then coated in a plastic covering to strengthen it. The foiling and glitter you see on traditional wrap is also made from plastic. All this plastic breaks down into micro-plastics in landfill.

Curlicue was created because we were tired of seeing bin bags full of unrecyclable wrapping paper at special occasions, all destined for landfill. We wanted to change this by creating beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly gift wrap that was plastic-free and could be easily recycled.

We also wanted to ensure we didn't use virgin paper to avoid contributing to deforestation so we use 100% recycled paper that is FSC certified to make the wrapping paper.

The ink we use is soy-based vegetable ink because traditional inks are derived from fossil fuels so vegetable ink is much kinder to the environment because it's not derived from fossil fuels and it's non-toxic and chemical free.

Almost all traditional gift wrap is produced internationally and is shipped to the UK, resulting in a significant carbon footprint. We make all our gift wrap in the UK for a lower carbon footprint and to support British businessess.

We believe that eco-friendly gift wrapping shouldn't be boring - you should have more options than just kraft paper! That's why we have exclusive designs and prints for all of our eco-friendly wrapping paper and matching tags.

You can learn more about our incredible eco-friendly gift wrap here.

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Curlicue plants a tree with every order

We're taking additional steps to combat climate change with Ecologi. Together we can take action and have a bigger impact on the world. For every order we're planting a tree and you can see how we are doing on our Ecologi profile

Plant a tree with Ecologi for every order
We are very excited to share our new partnership with Ecologi. We’ll plant a tree for every order placed.
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