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At Curlicue, we hate waste. But with paper products, there can be a bit of wear and tear when moving the products around. These pieces of gift wrap aren't quite perfect enough to be sold but still have some life in them. So we've created our Wonky Wrap boxes; preventing waste and saving you money! 

In our Wonky Wrap box, you'll get a mixture of gift wrap - from our wrapping paper, to gift tags to twine. They won't be perfect, but they'll still give you a beautifully wrapped gift or you can use it for crafting. 

The wrapping paper might have a small tear on one edge, the gift tags might have a corner that's been crushed, or the twine might be shorter than our usual 1.5m.

As standard in this Almost Perfect box, you'll get full-size wrapping paper sheets - you can choose between 5 or 10. If we have any matching tags or twine available we'll pop them in too. 


Stars at Dawn wrapping paper

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Our star prints are beautiful and elegant. This print, Stars at Dawn, is a versatile and adaptable print for any occasion. Treat the brightest stars in your life with our contemporary, starry pattern wrap. Find its twin print Stars at Dusk and the full range of star prints here.

Sheet size: 70cm x 50cm

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Buy 3 or 5 sheets

3 sheets - £6.75 (£2.25 per sheet)
5 sheets - £9.75 (£1.95 per sheet)

All the paper we use is 100% recycled, plastic-free and fully recyclable. We also use vegetable-based ink, so our paper is Vegan, and we use a waterless and chemical-free printing process to be kinder to the environment. We also use a UK Printer for our paper to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Our entire making to shipping process is plastic-free.

Choose rolled sheets or folded sheets of wrapping paper and get free delivery on orders over £20.

Why choose us?

Gift wrap that doesn't harm the earth

Plastic coating, glitter and foiling on gift wrap breaks down into microplastics which impacts our entire ecosystem. By choosing our gift wrap you show your love for the planet and the person receiving your gift.

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